Centru cu comanda numerica (5 axe) Casadei Busellato model Jet Master 25 RT

Detalii tehnice25 RT WF25 RT WF XL25 RT WF XXL
Suprafata de lucru axa X3.296 mm4.796 mm6.716 mm
Suprafata de lucru axa Y1.556 mm1.556 mm1.556 mm
Inaltime utila axa Z350 mm350 mm350 mm
Putere motor electrospindle (S6-40%)14 kW14 kW14 kW
Numar mandrine (gaurire)18 (stand)18 (stand)18 (stand)
Capacitate magazie sculemaximum 38 sculemaximum 38 sculemaximum 38 scule
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